Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Harrison Heritage News for February (Vol. 18, No. 2) is on its way!


The dedicated editor and staff of the Harrison Heritage News have put together another fine issue of the newsletter.  Members of the Harrison County Historical Society should be seeing copies of the second issue of 2017 in real and virtual mailboxes pretty soon.

What do the five sheets of paper hold for the subscriber this month?  Well, there is something about ...
  • "A Tale of Two Tubmans,"
  • What can happen if "Cupid Strikes,"
  • What's in the rename of a city street,
  • How regional libraries "stack up" against each other, and
  • A quiz for museum goers ... and more about the "goings on" at the museum

All in all, the newsletter might not be any more exciting than a night in Sweden, but it  all depends on how you look at it.  You'll never know until you go to Sweden (Pretty expensive!) or  until you get your own copy in the mail (Less expensive!).  This is a choice which reminds me to bring up ...


The annual dues are due, and, for your convenience, a form has been provided with this issue.  Nothing will be lost by using it, for the backside has been left blank.

You can only win by sending it in (along with a check or money order), so that even more issues will continue working their way into your mailbox or email inbox for the next ten months!


You gotta spend some to save some!  The society would like to encourage members to sign up for the PDF subscription, versus receiving a hardcopy in the mail (USPS).

What are the advantages of the PDF version of the newsletter, you ask.  Well ....
  • You can save a little money.  A PDF subscription costs only $10.  Hardcopies delivered via USPS cost $2 more.
  • PDF newsletters help the society to save on paper and postage costs, and more of your subscription monies can be used for projects sponsored by the society.
  • Most PDFs are in color.  Print editions are only in B&W.
  • PDF articles contain hyperlinks to even more items of interest on the internet (One can't click on a hardcopy).
  • PDF newsletters can be just a keystroke or two away and can be read "on-the-go" using smartphone and tablet apps.
  • If you join later in the year, prior issues can be sen in "just a jiffy" (Hardcopies will be mailed via USPS).


Harrison County Historical Society President Don Wagoner would like to challenge every member to bring in one more member this year.

I see there are about 225 members subscribed to this FB group.  How many of you are members?  If you are a member, can you persuade a friend or neighbor to join?  Why not pay for a membership for someone you feel would be interested?  If you aren't a member of the Harrison County Historical Society, why not join yourself?

Your February newsletter will look something like the following image ... only a lot bigger ... and, as usual, if delivered via USPS, it will arrive in an envelope!  ;-)

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