Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Harrison Heritage News for February (Vol. 18, No. 2) is on its way!


The dedicated editor and staff of the Harrison Heritage News have put together another fine issue of the newsletter.  Members of the Harrison County Historical Society should be seeing copies of the second issue of 2017 in real and virtual mailboxes pretty soon.

What do the five sheets of paper hold for the subscriber this month?  Well, there is something about ...
  • "A Tale of Two Tubmans,"
  • What can happen if "Cupid Strikes,"
  • What's in the rename of a city street,
  • How regional libraries "stack up" against each other, and
  • A quiz for museum goers ... and more about the "goings on" at the museum

All in all, the newsletter might not be any more exciting than a night in Sweden, but it  all depends on how you look at it.  You'll never know until you go to Sweden (Pretty expensive!) or  until you get your own copy in the mail (Less expensive!).  This is a choice which reminds me to bring up ...


The annual dues are due, and, for your convenience, a form has been provided with this issue.  Nothing will be lost by using it, for the backside has been left blank.

You can only win by sending it in (along with a check or money order), so that even more issues will continue working their way into your mailbox or email inbox for the next ten months!


You gotta spend some to save some!  The society would like to encourage members to sign up for the PDF subscription, versus receiving a hardcopy in the mail (USPS).

What are the advantages of the PDF version of the newsletter, you ask.  Well ....
  • You can save a little money.  A PDF subscription costs only $10.  Hardcopies delivered via USPS cost $2 more.
  • PDF newsletters help the society to save on paper and postage costs, and more of your subscription monies can be used for projects sponsored by the society.
  • Most PDFs are in color.  Print editions are only in B&W.
  • PDF articles contain hyperlinks to even more items of interest on the internet (One can't click on a hardcopy).
  • PDF newsletters can be just a keystroke or two away and can be read "on-the-go" using smartphone and tablet apps.
  • If you join later in the year, prior issues can be sen in "just a jiffy" (Hardcopies will be mailed via USPS).


Harrison County Historical Society President Don Wagoner would like to challenge every member to bring in one more member this year.

I see there are about 225 members subscribed to this FB group.  How many of you are members?  If you are a member, can you persuade a friend or neighbor to join?  Why not pay for a membership for someone you feel would be interested?  If you aren't a member of the Harrison County Historical Society, why not join yourself?

Your February newsletter will look something like the following image ... only a lot bigger ... and, as usual, if delivered via USPS, it will arrive in an envelope!  ;-)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Harrison County Sites Listed on the Register of National Historic Places


There are 25 places in Harrison County which have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974, when the Harrison County Courthouse was listed.  The last was the Handy House on November 25, 2005.

That's more than forty years of work at identifying and in helping to preserve sites that are deserving of the recognition and protection!

The next time you are driving around Harrison County, see how many of the following sites you can see:
  1.  Harrison County Courthouse (100 Main St., Cynthiana) ~ Listed December 6, 1974
  2. Monticello (aka Thomas Jefferson Megibben House; Monticello Heights, Cynthiana (The house was severely damaged by a fire in July, 1985; its ruins, except for the carriage house, were demolished.)) ~ Listed December 31, 1974 
  3. Poplar Hill (aka John William Kimbrough House; 901 Millersburg Pike (East of Cynthiana on KY 32) Cynthiana) ~ Listed November 7, 1976
  4.  Stony Castle (West of Berry on Lafferty Pike, Berry) ~ Listed December 12, 1978
  5.  Episcopal Church of the Advent (122 North Walnut St., Cynthiana) ~ Listed December 22, 1978
  6.  Kimbrough-Hehr House (U.S. 62, Broadwell) ~ Listed  April 20, 1979
  7.  William T. Lafferty House (548 East Pike St., Cynthiana) ~ Listed April 10, 1980
  8.  Cynthiana Commercial District (Pike St. from Church to Main Sts., and Main St. from Bridge to Pleasant Sts., Cynthiana) ~ Listed October 19, 1982
  9.  Wesley Roberts House (113-115 North Main St., Cynthiana) ~ Listed November 10, 1982
  10.  Joel Fraizer House (Off KY 982, Cynthiana) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  11. Haviland House, aka Stone House on Haviland Lane (Off U.S. 62, Cynthiana) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  12. John Hinkson House (Off U.S. 27, Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  13. John Lair House (Old Lair Rd., Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  14. John McKee House (Cook Rd., Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  15. Samuel McMillan House (Off U.S. 62, Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  16. Joseph Shawhan House (Off U.S. 27, Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  17. Smith House (Off Lair Rd., Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  18. Stone House of Indian Creek (Off U.S. 62, Cynthiana) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  19. John Williams House (Off KY 32/36, Shawhan) ~ Listed June 23, 1983
  20. Archaeological Site No. 15HR4 (Address Restricted, Lair) ~ Listed February 20, 1986
  21. Spur Gasoline Station, aka Jay's Cars Office (201 E. Bridge St., Cynthiana) ~ Listed April 27, 1987
  22. Coleman-Desha Plantation (aka the Duffy House, the Oaks, and the Newkirk House; 1416 U.S. 62 E (Oddville Pike), 1 mile northeast of Cynthiana) ~ Listed February 26, 1993.
  23. Confederate Monument in Cynthiana (Located in Battle Grove Cemetery, 531 East Pike Street (0.75 mi. E of jct. of S. Elmarch Ave. & Pike St.), Cynthiana) ~ Listed July 17, 1997
  24. Second Battle of Cynthiana Battlefield (1 mi. N of Cynthiana, E of KY 36) ~ Listed September 6, 2002
  25. Handy Farm (aka Ridgeway; U.S. 62, Cynthiana) ~ Listed November 25, 2005 (Visit Friends of Ridgeway Historic Community Center on Facebook for the most up-to-date information)
To find out more about these and other sites in Harrison County visit

or let your fingers do the walking over to

and look for the link to "History on the Hoof."

Do you think there is a site, a home, a building, or some other structure or something to be added to this list?  Then maybe you should contact the Harrison County Historical Society for more information.  It is a bit of work to get listed, but then the results are nothing less than HISTORIC!

The Harrison County Courthouse was added to the list in 1974.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

UPDATE: Harrison Heritage News Index (2000-2016) Now Available!


The index of the 17 volumes of the Harrison Heritage News has been updated by editor William A. Penn and uploaded to www.HarrisonCountyKy.US/harrison-heritage-news by Philip Naff.

That is where you will find it, but you won't find all 17 years of the award-winning monthly newsletter.

Index of the
Harrison Heritage News (2000-2016)

To see the most recent issues, you've got to become a member of the Harrison County Historical Society.

Links to an application can be found along the bottom of the screen of the Harrison Heritage News Viewer.

Happy Hunting!