Monday, March 31, 2014

We've Moved . . .

Welcome to The County Line, a companion blog to www.HarrisonCountyKy.US.  Announcements concerning the site, recent additions, new databases, new articles, and maybe a little original content not found at the site, will be posted here in the future.

One can keep up with this blog or follow the posting of updates on Twitter at

I have been busy updating the site, tweaking it a little, proofing the links, and will be adding even more in the near future.  One of those improvements has been to move the site to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP).

For several years now the site has been hosted by a free ISP account I have had with  The address for the home page looked something like this:

. . . and the portion above served as the prefix to all of the other pages at the site.

While just typing in "www.HarrisonCountyKy.US" would get you to the home page of the site in a process known as domain forwarding, many of the pages would show the full address, and that address is also what would appear in searches using Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other sites.

So, if you have bookmarked or favorited any pages at HarrisonCountyKy.US, you can either edit them individually in your browser, deleting the prefix described above, or go to the same page using the links provided on the new home page and then bookmarking the page again.

The home page at the new ISP will have a new background and layout, so you will know that you are at the new site of the old site.

And don't forget to delete your old bookmarks, or you will be going nowhere, when we want you to be coming back to . . .

P.S.  I am a newbie to blogging and to Twitter, so please bear with me if any extraneous posts or errors should appear on these pages.  Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014