Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The New Website of the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum.


The Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum now has a website all to itself.  It is at www.HarriCynMuseum.org.

I have included a few screenshots of the site below..

It has always been true that there will always be lots to look at in the museum.  Now you can do it online.

It looks like you can also join up and get some stuff. Go to


for a membership application.

The website has pictures of displays and even a map in case you should get lost, which may spoil it for some. Isn't it always just a little exciting to get lost in a museum around closing time?!?  The thrill of getting locked in with all those dinosaurs and mummys and ... well ...  Actually, I don't think they have any of those on exhibit in Cynthiana, but it is worth your while to go and see what they may have dug up.

Just remember, all the bodies are still buried in the cemetery! Or at least that is where they should be ... except for maybe on Walking Dead Day!

The home page of www.HarriCynMuseum.org.

The exhibits page of www.HarriCynMuseum.org.

Even more to look at when visiting the museum
in person or at www.HarriCynMuseum.org.

P.S.  You can also see what is happening at the museum by visiting their Facebook page.

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